You have an established business, making $2K-$3k a month, but you feel stuck. You find yourself trading time for money, with coaching or done for you services, and you just keep hitting this income ceiling. And you're starting to get burnt out.

You've tried to launch a scalable offer (or thought about it) but it didn't go like you'd hoped. 

Sound familiar?

I help online entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd with magnetic messaging, signature framework and limitless self belief so you can go  from Burnt Out Boss to Confident CEO.

This looks like:

-having ideal clients magnetized to you and your message

-marketing your unique solution so you have no competition

-selling out your launches, making a bigger income and more recurring revenue

-having a clear customer journey laid out, to keep your clients coming back for more.

I'm Jess!

I am not your typical business coach.

Yes, I can help you with your funnels and revenue and KPIs, but I believe that business is deeper than that. 

Building a profitable, impactful business isn't just about the funnels, it's about becoming the most empowered, fully actualized version of yourself, who can run that business. 

If you find yourself stuck at a certain level or certain kind of client, it's because that is who/ what you believe you are worthy of receiving. 

I will help you strip away the beliefs that are no longer serving you, so you can step confidently into your role as a CEO.

Then help you with your funnels and stuff.

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What we'll do together:

Confident CEO Embodiment

  • You will adopt the identity, thoughts and behaviors of your CEO self.
  • You will learn how to shift out of procrastination, self doubt and overwhelm so you can grow. 
  • You will develop a long term business growth plan that will be your north star for business stability

Magnetic Messaging

  • You will get crystal clear on who your speaking to, and how to speak directly to her.
  • You will create content that positions you as the authority in your space
  • You will bring ideal clients into your zone like a magnet with a deeper purpose that builds connection and rapport.

Signature Framework

  • You will develop and launch a signature framework that makes you stand out and gets people results.
  • You will create a scalable offer with that framework that you can launch over and over, to generate passive income.
  • You will outline your Ideal Customer Journey, so you can confidently move people to their desired outcome.

Life/ Business Synergy

  • You will create life by your design, that allows you to keep the first things first.
  • You will make time for self care and personal growth, because the rest IS the work.
  • You will create rock solid boundaries so your business supports your life, not the other way around.

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