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There is no one right way to launch your online course.

What if you could launch your online course or coaching program without all the 🥵 burn out, 😵‍💫 overwhelm, and 😫 disappointment?

Most people are marketing their businesses like they would solve a 👩🏻‍🏫 math problem 👩🏻‍🏫. They think a + b should = c. And when they do a and b and it doesn’t equal c, then they did something wrong.

Sound familiar?

And because we were conditioned to believe being wrong is bad, we then internalize this from “my launch failed” into “I am a failure” and we go down a whole spiral of making that mean lots of things about us and our future.

But here’s the thing. Launching (and marketing in general) isn’t like a math problem. There is not just one right answer at the end of that equation.

👩‍🔬 Launching is more like an experiment. 👩‍🔬

When you don’t get the outcome you expected, get CURIOUS.

This is exactly what I teach you how to do in the Lab.

I want to learn how to launch like a scientist!

This program is right for you if:

🙋🏻‍♀️ You are ready to fully commit to scaling one offer to multiple 6 figures in revenue.

🙋🏻‍♀️ You are tired of duct taping together a strategy from random courses, and want to follow a proven system to results.

🙋🏻‍♀️ You are ready to get curious and start learning from your launches.

🙋🏻‍♀️ You show up to be coached and are ready for direct feedback.

Sound like you? 

Apply for the Aligned Launch Lab!

Grab your goggles, it's time to step into the lab!

Break it down for me

What is the Aligned Launch Lab?

The Aligned Launch Lab (or The Lab for short) is not another course that will teach you the "right" way to launch. Its a 12 month lab that will give you a framework for launching, and teach you how to tap into your intuition and trust yourself through your launches.

Learn the Scientific Method of Launching

Remember learning the Scientific Method in 7th grade? This program will teach you how to set up your launches using the Scientific Method.

By adopting the mindset of a scientist, you will look at your launches like an experiment, and learn from the outcome and continue to optimize future launches.

Get Personalized Feedback and support

Ever feel like you've struggled to get specific personalized feedback in other group programs? Or like your questions are answered with more questions instead of actual strategic feedback?

We offer personalized and specific feedback from Jess and the Lab Coaches, so if you ever feel stuck, you can always get support.

Weekly group coaching calls

Whether you are in the middle of Launch Free-fall or need help with your messaging, we are only a call away!

With weekly group coaching calls, you can get live in person coaching and support to work through whatever you need as you launch and scale your offer.

1:1 Launch Debrief Calls with a Launch Coach


Interpreting your Launch Outcome won't feel like trying to read a menu in French with our 1:1 Launch Debrief Calls.

Get hands on coaching and support with 4 Launch Debrief calls to be scheduled after you submit your Launch Debrief.

12 Month Access to our Full Curriculum and Template Library

You get full access to our curriculum and templates while you are in the program! Email templates, Funnel Pages, Sales Pages, Launch Formulas, the works! 

This 12 month lab is designed to support you through the process of launching and scaling your signature program.

Hand me the goggles, I am ready to launch like a scientist!

Here's what we'll do together inside the Aligned Launch Lab

👩‍🔬 Design a scalable offer (if you don't already have one) or optimize your existing signature offer to scale.

👩‍🔬 Conduct market research and offer analysis to improve your launch messaging so you attract your aligned clients.

👩‍🔬 Define your Launch Hypothesis and set launch goals you will actually achieve.

👩‍🔬 Set up your Launch Experiment ™ and plan your 12-week launch runway.

👩‍🔬 Use the Aligned Launch Formula® to run your launch experiment.

👩‍🔬 Analyze your launch outcome and use the data to set up your next launch experiment

👩‍🔬 Run another Launch Experiment to continue to gather data and optimize your Launch Asset.

The Scientific Method of Launching

Phase 1: Problem

In this phase, you will identify the problem that your offer solves.

👉 Identify the change you are here to create in the world.
👉 Get clear on the tangible transformation your program offers
👉 Develop your Signature Methodology for delivering that transformation.
👉 Outline your program in a way that gets results
👉 Design your offer to scale

Phase 2: Research

In this phase, you will clarify your ideal client and messaging through market research.

👉 Validate your idea to ensure it has an audience and will sell
👉 Conduct market research to learn how your ideal clients feel 
👉 Discover a goldmine of insider messaging and copy 
👉 Get into the mindset of your ideal client so you can speak to them
👉 Research alternatives so you can position yourself against them
👉 Price your offer from a place of alignment

Phase 3: Hypothesize

In this phase, you will develop your launch hypothesis and design your Launch Experiment

👉 Learn how to set launch goals that are in alignment
👉 Break down the Launch Math so you know exactly what numbers you are working for.
👉 Outline your 12 week Launch Runway and choose your Launch Date
👉 Outline the parameters of your Launch Experiment ™ 

Phase 4: Experiment

In this phase, you will conduct your Launch Experiment following the Aligned Launch Formula ®

👉 Align your energy to support your launch goals
👉 Create content that attracts your ideal client AND moves them toward purchasing
👉 Grow your Launch List with qualified leads
👉 Develop your Launch Asset using swipe copy and pre-built Funnels
👉 Execute your Launch Mechanism to serve your audience and sell your offer
👉 Enroll aligned clients in the energy of abundance (without the 😵‍💫🥵😫)

Phase 5: Analyze

In this phase, you will conduct a Launch Debrief, and analyze the outcome.

👉 Learn what metrics indicate Launch Performance
👉 Gather all the pertinent data from your experiment
👉 Conduct a full Launch Debrief
👉 Review the outcome and identify areas for optimization
👉 Schedule your 1:1 Call with a Launch Coach to review outcome

Phase 6: Repeat

In this phase, you will apply what you learned from your last launch and set up your next Launch Experiment.

👉 Determine if your offer is ready to scale
👉 Apply key learnings to your next Launch Experiment 
👉 Plan and outline your next launch
👉 Begin the process of running your Launch Experiment again with this new Launch Hypothesis

The Aligned Launch Lab is not a course

This program is not a DIY info dump that leaves you to figure out how it all works together. It is not something you can binge to finish faster, or set on your digital shelf for later.

You will not be another number in a Facebook group, hoping to get feedback but instead feeling like you are shouting into a void, struggling to get results.

The Aligned Launch Lab is a group coaching laboratory, where you will be handed the tools you need to succeed, AND be provided feedback, support and coaching along the way.

It's not that you don't know how to launch. The reason you have yet to have aligned profitable launches is often deeper than not knowing if you should do a webinar or a challenge.

Launching is a personal growth experience.

And old patterns and beliefs, and past Launch Traumas come up along the way.

Inside the lab, we will help you heal through your launch as those things come up, so you can keep moving forward instead of entering witness protection and never speaking of your launch again.

If you are ready to finally let go of the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and finally learn how to launch like a scientist, the Lab is here to support you.

Ready to apply?

The Aligned Launch Lab is a 12 month group coaching hybrid program where you will get access to a full curriculum as well as high touch coaching and support.

The investment for this program is $10K, or 12 monthly payments of $1000.