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This application will determine if you're the perfect fit for this program and will be reviewed by our team within 24 hours of applying. You will receive a message on IG with your next steps within 48 hours of applying, and if you don't hear from us, feel free to reach out @jess.oconnell_

This will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please answer fully and thoughtfully, as your responses here will help determine your next best step, even if it's not this program.

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What's your name?

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And what about your email? (the one you check)

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What is your Instagram handle? (We will connect over there after you apply!)

Question 4 of 22

Tell me more about your big vision goals for your business. What is the impact you want to make on the world?

Question 5 of 22

And what is your revenue goal for the next year?

Question 6 of 22

What will that revenue make possible for you in your life and business?

Question 7 of 22

Lets talk about your signature offer- Do you have one already or are you looking to develop one (we help with both in this program, so I am just curious)

Question 8 of 22

And what is the tangible transformation of that program (or idea)? Where is your ideal client after they go through your program? 

Question 9 of 22

That sounds awesome! How many students would you ideally want to bring into your program in the next year?

Question 10 of 22

And what is the price point?

Question 11 of 22

Great! Tell me about your past launches- What was your experience?

Question 12 of 22

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to launching?

Question 13 of 22

What programs or courses (if any) have you taken to help with this?

Question 14 of 22

Where have other programs or courses fallen short for you?

Question 15 of 22

What kind of support are you looking for when it comes to launching? (hands on? More coaching? How to curriculum? Something else?)

Question 16 of 22

If you imagine your dream perfect launch- how would that go? How would it feel? 

Question 17 of 22

And what would become possible in your life and business because of that launch?

Question 18 of 22

Why is the Aligned Launch Lab the right program for you to achieve those launch dreams? 

Question 19 of 22

What are you hoping to gain from Aligned Launch Lab that you haven't yet found elsewhere? 

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We believe in carefully curating the right group of people for this program- What energy will you bring to the community inside the lab? 

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Just curious- how did you hear about the lab? (Instagram? Podcast? Email? Somewhere else)

Question 22 of 22

Anything else you want us to know or any questions for us?

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