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Why Your Launches Aren't Performing

Does this sound familiar?


I have great idea for a course or for an offer or for whatever.


You throw it out there.


You launch it immediately.


You go from idea to launch in like 2.8 seconds.


You announce on Facebook, "Hey, I'm launching this course about blah, blah, blah. Here's how you join."


Even if you have a Facebook group or an Instagram following, you share it there, you're very excited.


Maybe you even go live and you launch it out into the world, but it doesn't sell out on day one.


You're like, yes, this is perfect.


Everybody wants this. Everyone's going to love it and wait for the people to come flooding into you and then the end of day one and crickets. Nobody is buying.


Nobody wants what you have, at least that's what you think, and it does not sell out immediately.


Then you start to doubt yourself and doubt your idea.


You're like, "Ooh, maybe it wasn't that great of an idea. People don't...

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How To Stop Hiding In Your Business

Ever wonder why you're attracted to certain people and then absolutely repelled by others?

It's because they've taken a stand for something they believe in.

And wether or not you believe in the same thing will be what attracts you to them.

The same goes for you and your business.

By taking a stand, you're creating polarizing content by standing firm in your belief of something.

I feel like I can say that six times, but you're really making your content take a stand for the change that you believe is possible for your ideal client.

Once you've taken a stand and you know what you believe in and the change that you create for people, the second piece of this is sharing your truth unapologetically.

This is creating content that even if it is polarizing, it attracts the right people because it repels the wrong people.

This is showing up in your power, this is creating the things that you want to say, and this is not second guessing your content because people might not like it.


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Aligned Launching V.S. Spaghetti Launching


Check out the images I created below.

It really shows a 1000 foot view of the main differences between Spaghetti launching and Aligned launching.

Where do you find yourself?  Check out the awesome video I created that goes deeper into this concept.


 Ready to have an aligned launch?  Click the image below to binge watch my free mini-series.


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Holding Space For Your Audience

A couple weeks I sat down and chatted with Renae Fieck, my fellow BBD alumni sister.

During our talk, we touched on our own personal journey of joining BBD and Ranae really hit the nail on the head with something she said.

I thought it was a really important reminder for any entrepreneur who's wondering when they're going to have their "moment".

Ranae admitted that she was following James Wedmore for a long time (almost 4 years) before she actually bit the bullet and invested with him.

She wasn't quite sure what happened but she explained that "something clicked" before his cart opened on year 4.

She was ready and didn't really care how much it cost, she told her husband she needed to do it.

Which led to the amazing AH-HA moment for me:

"I love that you followed him forever and went through multiple launches, because I feel like, as a business owner, we have people on our list who go through our launches, that never buy. And we kind of mentally give up on them, right?...

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My Journey To $10K Months

I want to share a story about where I was before I really hit those 10K consistent months. I know so many online entrepreneurs are pushing for that milestone specifically.


There's something about hitting five-figure months that really changes your mindset in your business.


If you are struggling to hit five-figure months, believe me, I know where you're at. I went through that struggle for a long time in my business. And I realized that there was one moment and one piece of advice that I got from my coach, James, that completely changed the game for me.


And so before I was introduced to James Wedmore and before I joined his program Business by Design, I was launching all the things.


I kind of came up in the business world with a coach who was notorious for launching all the freaking time.


She was launching something new every week and she was building lots of programs. I think she had even mentioned to building like 20 some odd programs in a year,...

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Manifest Money Like A Stripper

I recently sat down and chatted with Paige Cole about manifesting money.

The story of how she got to manifesting money is pretty cool and you should definitely hear it because there are some gold nuggets that I think we can all relate to.

Listen to the full episode here.

What I really want to focus on are some key elements she talked about that helps debunk how we look at money.

1. The Topic Of Money Is Taboo

Just like stripping was taboo to talk about for Paige, she quickly realized so was money in today's society.   Regardless of someone's situation (too much or too little), the topic of money is very hush hush.  She goes on to say that when things are "hush hush" it leads to a bigger problem of people being uneducated about the topic.

This leads to people having preconceived notions about money and allows them to create their own limiting beliefs about the power of it.


2. Money Is Simply Energy

I've heard this numerous times but I really like how she...

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7 Takeaways From My Chat With James Wedmore

If you haven't heard about James Wedmore yet, GOOGLE HIM.


He's the bomb and my business wouldn't be where it is today if I hadn't stumbled upon his course, BUSINESS BY DESIGN last year.


I was introduced to him through Kathryn Zenkina AKA Manifestation Babe.


I caught up with James recently and recorded an inspiring podcast with him and wanted to share some of my biggest takeaways.


Takeaway #1: There Has To Be a Different Way 

It took James a hot minute to get to this realization.  It took 4 years of banging his head against the wall, living in his parents basement and not really getting anywhere in his business, when he finally felt that something had to give.


The idea came to him that there had to be another way of running a business (since what he was doing wasn't successful).


That thought alone is what got him to the next level.


Takeaway #2 - Building a business happens in stages.

There are MANY levels in...

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

I started my business in January 2019, and by Christmas, I had made my first 100K.


They say your first 100K is the hardest and I realized it's because most of us are trying to figure it out as we go.


Here's a quick little breakdown of what my first 11 months looked like:


-I hustled for the first 4 months in my business, throwing spaghetti at the wall, struggling to hit 2K months

-I started to gain traction in my 5th month by implementing a few of the key steps I am going to teach you today

-I hit my stride in my 8th month, hitting consistent 10K+ months since


Today, I am on track now for a high multiple 6 figure year


Along the way, I made a lot of mistakes, and I see so many struggling entrepreneurs like yourself making these same mistakes. 


The good news is, I am going to share them with you, so you know what they are, then I am going to share a training to teach you what to do instead, so you can scale your business to 6 figures and...

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How to Sell like Chick-fil-a

Giving free value feels really good to me. It makes sales easy and fun, plus it gives people a taste, before inviting them to buy the sandwich. 


So how do you avoid someone standing outside asking for more and more free nuggets? 

You don’t. But you have to trust that at some point, when that person is ready, they will buy the sandwich. And if not, you at least made a difference for them, and that is enough. 


Since you don’t have a literal chicken restaurant (or maybe you do, no judgment) how do you do this? 

-Give nuggets of value for free with content

-Free trainings like webinars of 3 day challenges

-live streams

-Youtube, podcast, etc


This value packed content not only establishes you as an authority, it builds trust and helps people know and like you (the 3 must haves in a sales relationship). 

Ask yourself these questions:

- What does my ideal client need to see to know me, like me and trust me?

-What are their biggest...

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5 Steps to your Next Level Self

Your identity isn't fixed. You have the ability to change your identity and shift out of the identity that is no longer helping you achieve your goals.


There are 5 key pieces that come into play when we talk about your identity. These pieces are your environment, your behaviors, your beliefs, your values, and your identifiers.

In order to change who you are, you might try to change starting at the bottom with our environment. This is the place I see people start all the time. In order to really make change, though, you have to change your identity- if you continue to refer to yourself as one thing or another, then you're not going to make lasting change. We have to start with changing our identity.


I believe that the key to changing your identity starts at the top. When you start with changing your identity, there's a few different things you need to do. The first thing you're going to do is start by writing down the things that the next level version of...

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