3 Ways to Validate your course without pre-selling it

Apr 12, 2022

One of the biggest fears I hear from clients around creating their course before they sell it is they don't want to waste their time. So in today's episode, I'm going to talk about why that is holding you back, and how to validate your course without having to pre-sell it.


As I'm sure you are aware of now, you know, I am not a big fan of pre-selling your course (aka the “monetize before you make it” model) that's being taught by basically every big bucks course creator today. And I get it, they want this big flashy promise of success and “devloping a methodology” or “building an audience” aren’t exactly sexy topics. But we’re not out here trying to sell courses like hotcakes to people who aren't ready for it, we’re out here to make a difference in the world with our offers. So before you create and launch your course I teach my clients to validate that offer first without pre-selling it. And I'm going to share three ways to validate that without having to do the monetize before you make it nonsense.


So my first thing I want to talk about is, why is it important to validate your offer? I think that this is a really important process in course creation and in online business that a lot of people may skip and it's important to validate your offer for a couple of reasons.  There are two sides to a sale: Side 1 is you creating your offer to hopefully identify a problem and offer the solution. And I think that we tend to ignore the second side of this or not pay attention to intuit as much, because we're so focused on the first side.The other side of that is your audience, the people who are buying it, your buyers are on the other side of that sale. So validating your offer does two things. One, it tells you that you have people in your audience that have the problem that you solve and two, it tells you that you have people in your audience who are willing to pay you to solve that problem. 


Let's dig into how to validate your methodology and your course without having to pre-sell it. So the first thing is helping people one on one. This, in my opinion, should be your first line of defense when it comes to developing your expertise, and developing your methodology for something. Personally, this is my favorite way. Every time that I'm doing something different, every time that I'm pivoting or testing a new methodology, or going back to the drawing board in my business, I do so with one on one clients. The reason this is so great is that you get paid to test your methodology with real people, and you get hands-on experience to change or improve things as needed.


The third thing that you can do to validate your course without pre-selling it, is to build it and then sell it (yes, this one's kind of cheating). Sometimes I find that the only thing holding us back from doing the thing is the fear that no one will buy it, and if you are in this position, then I think it's time to just bite the bullet and build your course. If you have social proof and a proven methodology, if you have an audience of aligned clients and people who are chomping at the bit to buy your program, then it's time, this time to dedicate six to eight weeks to build your course and launch it. And if no one buys it, it's an indicator that those two statements that I said are not actually as true as you expected. Either you do not have the social proof and a proven methodology, or you do not have an audience of aligned clients who are ready to buy from you. And that is great information to have, right? You can roll back up to the other two options from there - Do I need to deliver this process one to one? Do I need to get more people results? Do I need to develop more social proof? Or do I need to go back into audience building mode and really growing my audience full of people who have this problem. If you have a purpose and a deeper reason for creating what you want to create, it's time to step fully into that and build the curriculum and attract the audience who wants it.


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