Live Launching VS Evergreen- The Final Showdown

Mar 08, 2022

You have likely seen the epic battle between live launching and evergreen, and maybe even wondered which is better for your business. In this episode, I'm going to break down both types of launching who each is right for, and how to choose between the two. If you're in the online coaching space, you’ve likely had this argument within yourself as well as with other people. “You should live launch offers, live launching is great!” “No, you should only sell on evergreen!” And there is really this like at odds war between the two types of launching. So today, I am really going to bust some myths of round live launching and evergreen - which is better, which should you do, and really help you decide the best course of action to get what you ultimately want, which is more clients in your Signature Offer.


So let's dig into what the difference is between live launching and evergreen in case you’re not familiar. So a live launch is an in-real-time promotion done live (get it?) with a set open and close date for your program. Usually live launches utilize some kind of launch mechanism like a 5 day challenge, or a webinar, or something that you are using to give value to your audience live and in real time and introduce your offer with a set start and end date to sales. You can live launch over a week, or two weeks or even a month, but it’s basically a pop-up shop for your signature offer. This is the kind of launch you’ve likely seen from industry gurus like James Wemore and Brandon Lucero. 


​​On the flip side is what's typically referred to as an evergreen launch. An evergreen launch or an evergreen promotion is a simulated launch that is individualized to each person in timing. So rather than everybody receiving the value at the same time live and going through the same four to seven days of cart open to close at the same time, you’re creating a simulation of that tailored to each person who opts in individually. For example, if Customer A opts in on a Monday, her cart is open until next Monday. But if Customer B opts in on Wednesday, her cart is open until next Wednesday. See how that works? 


In the last three years of my business I’ve experimented with both, and there’s a lot of misconceptions on both sides of the aisle. Live launching can come with feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion Because if you’re only going to launch once every three months, you need this launch to perform for three months worth of revenue. And if it doesn’t perform, you’re likely not going to be super motivated to launch the same thing again. So what I see happen is people will go through a live launch, not necessarily get the results that they were expecting, and then say “Screw it, I'm just putting it on evergreen” because that’s easier.




Hate to burst your bubble, but evergreen doesn’t mean never launching. It actually means launching all the time. You are constantly talking about your offer, you're consistently driving people into that launch mechanism, because if you're not driving people to it, or spending money to drive people to it, like using Facebook ads, then nobody's going to go through your launch. So while yes, evergreen does mean a more predictable and consistent form of income, it definitely isn’t the passive income you may have hoped for. 


So who would win in a fight - live launch vs evergreen? The answer is…..just launching! So many people seem to put these two things against each other, like you have to choose one or the other. It especially drives me bananas when I see people create crazy marketing campaigns surrounding this issue, because it just further pushes that launching has to be black and white. Right and wrong. Success or failure. When in reality it’s SO much more than that. Guess what? If you launched, you win! If you gathered income from that launch, you also win! If you gathered data from that launch (wait for it) win too! At the end of the day launching there are so many more variables that go into your launch like your audience, their desires, heck even current events that may be the deciding factor between an offer that converts and one that doesn’t. 


I believe that really letting go of the paradigm of either or live launching versus evergreen and really embracing this symbiotic sales system of having both working together at the same time is the way that is going to revolutionize the way that you launch in your business, the way that you serve your audience, and the way that you really create the massive impact that you were put on this earth to create.


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