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3 steps to crafting a Stand Out Brand Identity

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

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When you start a business, you probably do so based on one of your passions, and share content around that passion as a means to add value and advertise for your business. But one things most business owners are getting wrong is that they are not looking at their brand as a whole.

Today, more people make purchasing decisions because of WHO they are doing business with, not what they are buying. This is especially true if you are not offering an uber unique one of a kind item that people can ONLY get through you, (i.e. all of us.)

Joe who sells jackets made specifically from his goat Jenny's fur (called Jenny's Jackets) has a pretty good foothold on his market, as he is extremely specific, but the rest of us need to stand out. This is where Brand Identity comes into play.

It's more important than ever to stand out in a noisy social media world. To decide who you are, and who you are attracting, it's helpful to map out your brand identity. 

Your Brand Identity is the combination of these 3 things: the communities you are a part of, your values, and who you help. Here's how to figure out your brand identity. 

1. Figure out who you are and what defines you. Make a list of unique attributes that connect you to a community of people (i.e.: Disney fan, nerds, body positive, mom, etc.). These communities will give you a common interest with the people who follow you on social media. It helps build the K of Know Love and Trust. Giving people something to identify with about you allows them to get to know who you are, not just what you sell. These also help you stand out in the crowd on social media.

2. What are your values? These will be your guiding star and a way to form deep connections with your squad, or the people who already know you will come to LOVE you when they connect with your values. Sharing your values and the things you stand for (and against) will form deeper connections with your community. 

3. Ask yourself who you help. Or want to help. Who can you help? Identifying 3-5 people you can help will help you narrow down who you are speaking to because we can't help everyone. (And that's a good thing!) It's important that you are helping people that you are one step ahead of. You don't have to be on top of the mountain to help someone climb the first step. You build credibility by helping people on the first step after you've already climbed it. 

Now that you have this list of 9-15 attributes and audience archetypes, what do these people need to know about you to know you, love you, and trust you? These 3 factors really play a part when it comes to people making purchasing decisions. 

When you start modeling your social media content to speak to each of these things, your ideal client will start to be more attracted to you. 

Take this one step further and download my Brand Identity worksheet  to work through this in your business. 


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