The Truth Behind Why Your Course Isn’t Converting (And How to Fix It!)

Jun 11, 2021

Do you know that it’s totally possible that your course is actually the main reason why your program is not converting? Your program is such a big piece of your offer. So, you need to make sure that it’s in alignment with the commitment that it takes to get the results that your ideal client wants.

More Content Does Not Mean More Value

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their program is thinking that more content equals more value. But the opposite tends to be true.

At the end of the day, the size and scale of your program should be in alignment with the time and financial commitment that it takes to get the outcome your ideal clients want. Overstuffing nor understaffing your offer is not in alignment with it.

I know a massive program where people don’t even start because they get so overwhelmed with the hundreds of videos and how much content there is. At the same time, I also know those with tiny offers  that tend to be overstuffed with value just to make it seem more valuable.

Imagine this: I bought a $29-dollar program. And I expect a $29-dollar solution to my problem - which is why I bought that program. But if that program will take me 5 hours just to get what I need, I probably won’t start it, right? And most people certainly won’t.

Creating a Program that Gets People Results

You should always have a program that gets people results. It should have a clear A to B. It should have a clear intention, purpose, or outcome that somebody wants. This reminds me of a quote from James Wedmore:

“If you want to impress people, make it long and complicated. And if you want to get people results, keep it simple.”

People want to get results in the fastest and most efficient way possible. So, if you can get people from point A to point B in 10 videos, why would you give them 50, right? Value is not determined by the amount of time people spend watching you telling them how to do something.

The value of your program is getting that result. Oftentimes, getting that result faster is, in fact, more valuable than all of the videos it would have taken to get that result. At the end of the day, it’s not about the size of the offer or the program. It’s about the level of commitment needed to get the results of the program and the value of those results.

Keep in mind that you created your program to get people results. When your programs are clear and concise, they get better results faster. Don’t you want to be the coach who gets people consistent results?

You have to explain why your program is going to get your clients those results. When people look at your sales page, they don’t look at the number of videos you have. They are looking to see if the program is worth their time.

The Importance of Clarity in Your Program

A clear program is the strongest asset in your offer. It is the meat of your offer, the present inside the box. Some questions to help you out are the following:

  • How are you structuring your program?
  • What is the outcome you are trying to help people create?
  • What is the right container to put that in?

There are different levels on how you can structure and help improve your program. These are:

1. Freebie

Many people tend to throw information in a PDF and call it a freebie but don’t actually treat it like an offer. But treating a freebie like an offer will actually attract more ideal clients to you. This will pull people intentionally to your funnel which will help you convert better.

A freebie solves a micro problem or paints the roadmap in solving a bigger issue. Most people are not looking for a freebie to learn how to do something major but just to know one little trick or get that one little piece of information.

2. Small Course

A small course solves a small problem in a small amount of time. If you have a small program, be sure that you can offer a small solution to your clients within a short period of time. Don’t discredit the value of a small course.

3. Course

A course is typically a mid-price range DIY that gets those consistent results.

4. Group Coaching Offer

This one goes deeper into solving the problem and includes a small group support. The members of the group typically get individualized attention within a group atmosphere.

5. One-on-One

This is a hands-on individualized attention approach for your clients. This usually involves a lot of Facetime.

6. Membership

Memberships are a different kind of thing in the programming world. But when you do it correctly, they can be incredibly valuable.

The Takeaway

How you structure your program can be the reason why it’s not converting. Something may be missing or that it’s out of alignment with what you are trying to offer. Understanding your program and structuring it to get people results will help lead to better conversions.

What to get more in-depth about this topic? Listen to the full episode here.