The Science Behind Highly Profitable Launches

May 25, 2021

You always hear me say, "Run your business like a scientist." In this blog, I want to share with you what I really mean and how that shift in mindset can actually lead to more sales.

My Mindset Back Then…

When I started my business, I think of my posts the same way most people do— take them personally. If I didn’t get enough likes for every post, I would think that people didn’t like it or that people didn’t like me. If not enough people bought my launch or offer, I would think that it means something about me.

Is this familiar to you? Are you struggling with this right now? Read on!

Mindset Shift: Treating the Business Like a Scientist

When I was struggling separating my emotions from my business, that’s when I started to treat my business like a scientist. You see, scientists don’t take things personally. They focus on facts, on logic.

To help you understand what I mean better, take this as an example:

“A scientist who’s trying to cure cancer, but unable to do so, does not say ‘O my gosh, we didn’t cure cancer! I’m an awful scientist! I should probably quit. Nobody in Science likes me!’.“

I realized that I can apply that methodology of thinking to my business! I started to develop an iron-shield mindset of separating my emotions from my business.

Tips to Running Your Business Like a Scientist

1. Treat everything like an experiment.

When running an experiment, scientists follow a few simple steps. They follow the scientific method where they have an idea, create a hypothesis, run the experiment, analyze the results, and create conclusions. Then, they run another experiment to support the conclusion. If it does, good. If it doesn’t, go over the method again.

If you think like this, it helps you get curious. It helps you dig deeper. So, I start with an idea, my podcast idea, for instance. Then, I create my hypothesis which is that this episode will be impactful for you, my audience. Then, I create the outline for it. Next, I run my experiment which is recording the podcast episode.

Lastly, at the end of it, I look back and check if what I did supported my hypothesis. Did this episode really make an impact? Am I getting positive feedback for this? Are people resonating with the message? Is the podcast episode getting the downloads I’m looking for here?

To make my conclusion, I look at the results to prove if my hypothesis is true. If not, then, I take a look at the variables. Maybe the messaging is off, so I’d tweak that. Maybe I don’t have have my picture on the podcast promotional materials, so I’d add more since people connect with faces.

When you start thinking like a scientist, you also start taking the emotion out of it. You can then figure out what the results are telling you. They will give you indicators of where to keep going.

2. Look at the things that are working and those that are not.

You have to evaluate things as they are. Look at the things that people are resonating with and figure out how you can do more of those. Remove your focus on the things that are not working, especially the mindset of making every single post or launch mean the end of the world, or your ultimate success.

3. Remove the pressure of getting everything perfect.

When you are pressured, you don’t learn anything. Why? Because you’re so afraid to try new things. You’re so afraid of failure or of not finding something that your audience might resonate with. When you remove the pressure, that is how you genuinely learn.

4. Don’t make everything mean something about you.

If you become an objective observer to your business, just like a scientist, you tend to separate your emotional attachment from the outcome of such launch, offering, or post. Don’t be like many business owners who think that the success or failure of the outcome is also related to their success or failure.

Don’t make the outcome a confirmation of you being good or not good enough. It just means that it did or didn’t resonate with your audience. Pick whatever you can learn from that. Don’t just run the same launch over and over again and expect a different result.

5. Practice a positive mindset and belief.

Shift that mindset of yours. If you launch an offering and believe that it will fail, it will surely fail. So, go ahead and run that experiment again. This time, run it with a positive mindset. Use that mindset to power success, hit your goals and work through your beliefs.

The Aligned Launch Formula

The Aligned Launch Formula is based on the scientific method. I always follow the steps just as if I am a scientist, from the idea, to hypothesis, up to the conclusion.

When I launch, I set a goal, an idea of what I’d like to achieve. Then, I create the parameters of the experiment, such as setting the price with an offer on a particular date within a certain timeframe.

Then I run the experiment by creating the marketing, the message, and creating the offer. I run the launch and then check on the results. If I hit my goal, then good! If not, I turn to myself and ask, “What were the most important lessons here? How can I apply them to the next launch?”


What are your takeaways from this episode? Are you running your business like a scientist?

If you need in-depth details on how to run your business like a scientist, be sure to listen to the full episode here.