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Episode 3: Launch Debrief: How I 6x'd my Launch Revenue in One Launch

podcast Dec 15, 2020

One of my favorite parts about launching is the LEARNING that takes place afterward!

When you look at your launches like science experiments, there is always an opportunity to step back, and look at the data objectively to see how you can grow and improve.

Today I am walking you through one of my favorite processes, the Launch Debrief. I am sharing all the behind the scenes numbers and lessons behind my $47K launch. 



  • The secret strategy I implemented that converted at over 65%
  • How I welcomed more students into my program than ever before (130!)
  • How my own beliefs manifested as a common objection last time, and how I shifted it
  • The sneaky lesson I didn’t think I needed to learn (until it smacked me in the face)
  • And the two key metrics to scaling your launches!

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Lets start at the top, which is the Launch List. 
1154 people opted in to the launch specifically. (My list of that audience is over 3500, so your launch list should be a segment of your existing list.)

I did run Facebook ads for this launch, to warm and cold audiences. My total number of leads from the ads was 936 
Ad spend $1,311

In this launch, I did a tripwire offer for my challenge opt in. 
Challenge VIP $29
This had 76 sales, 6.59% Conversion rate $2204 revenue

This was a game changer. Offering a vip option for your challenge will separate the invested people from the freebie hunters. This converted at 65% into clients. So 65% of the people who joined the VIP bought the program.

After a 5 day free challenge, I had a 5 day cart open. 
2 PIF, 3 PP
PIF offer, 3 Pay, Upsell Mentorship

On the last two days, I offered a 6 pay option
29 people PIF
54 3 pay
42 6 pay

5 people bought the mentorship upsell for $997

Total of 130 new students

Overall conversion rate of 11%

In the 2019 launch, I had an 8% conversion rate. I attribute this 3% increase to the change in messaging in the challenge. This was a game changer, and resulted in over $11K in additional revenue. 

My Earnings per lead for this launch was $40.69, up by $15 per lead from the last launch. 

EPL is such an important metric. Revenue / total leads

My CPL was $1.14

These numbers are what you need to do to scale. When you know how much a lead costs you, and how much they can earn you, you can run more people through a machine and make more money.

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