You Don't Need to Niche Down to Sell Your Program

podcast May 14, 2021

I have been teaching launching as a business for over two years now. Before I got to this point in my career, I’ve had to go through different instances of setbacks to learn pretty much everything I know now about my business.

And for over two years, it has become so clear that many entrepreneurs struggle to pick a niche. They make this common mistake of treating this matter of niche like it is the most important thing in the whole process. And so what happens is they end up getting stuck in the inaction and stuck in indecision. It's almost like they are trying to defuse a bomb but are too afraid to pick the wrong colored wire. They fear picking the blue one because it might blow the entire business up. But let me tell you, that is not what picking a niche is all about.

Here’s the truth, niching down or trying to shove yourself into a niche is probably causing you more problems in your business than it is helping you. Most people focus so much on niching down that they end up creating this impossible person to serve. You don't just serve one kind of person. In fact, you don’t serve the person you serve the problem.

Here are 2 ways you can sell your program without needing to niche down to a specific client avatar:


  • Establish authority 

Focus on your positioning. Position yourself as the expert at solving the problem. Position your program and your offer as the obvious solution to that problem. When you start to create content that positions yourself as the expert establishing that authority, you don't have to convince them so hard anymore.

It gets to be that simple. You just have to show up and establish yourself as the authority who can solve the problem that your ideal client has, and show them that you can actually solve it.


  • Have a polarizing belief 

To attract your ideal clients, you have to be polarizing. You have to have a belief and take a stance that is different from what other people are saying. When you can stand up for something against the status quo, you become a beacon of hope for the people who are struggling with it. This is the key to creating magnetism in your business.

To Wrap Up

Instead of focusing too much on picking the perfect niche, focus instead on the transformation that you want to provide for your client.

Rather than figuring out what their gender is, or what career they have, or what their favorite T.V. show is— know that it is much more important that you look at the problem and speak to that problem. Find a way for people to see that you are the solution they are looking for. It is truly that simple.

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