The 5 Types of Offers Your Business Needs NOW

May 25, 2021

Before the end of 2020, I really took the time to figure out what my plan is for the next year. Looking back at the last couple of years of my business, I started to ask myself, what is my core value? What is something that I value more than anything in my business?

Something that came up, again and again, is accessibility.  I deeply care about being accessible to the people who want my help and who are ready to receive my help.  And that is what I decided to really go forefront with for my business in 2021. With accessibility as my top priority, I decided to create multiple levels of offers for people to work with me and to learn from me. 

The primary goal of these offers is for your business to reach all levels of your audience. It is really important to want to reach your audience at all levels— from the people who are brand new to you to the people who are absolute raving fans.

So, if you dream of creating a customer journey that is really intuitive and works people from where they're at to where they want to be read on. Here are 5 types of offers your business needs NOW.

#1. Free Offer

The biggest mistake that people make with their free offers is not treating it like it's an offer because it really is an offer. If you don't treat it like it has value, your audience won't either. 

Remember this: your free offer should serve two purposes.

Engage with your audience. - Create a free offer that wakes up your audience, something that will prompt them to take the next step and hand over their email in exchange for your freebie. From there, you can start building that relationship a little bit deeper.

Qualify your audience. - Your offer should answer a burning question your audience has that directly relates to the offer on the other end of that customer journey. Speak to them more specifically. Nail down your messaging with your free offer, and in turn, you create even higher conversions.

Don’t create a free offer just because you want to grow your audience. By being strategic and treating your free offer as an offer, not only will you start attracting your aligned audience, but you'll actually give people some value that will encourage them to continue to work with you.

#2. Low-end Paid Offer

Many entrepreneurs refer to this as a tripwire. A low-end paid offer is typically presented right after a freebie and is highly recommended!

Shortly after creating your freebie, ask yourself this, “What is one quick thing that I could help them with that will get them to that next level? Or what is one way that I can deepen this transformation that they can pay for to keep going further?”

Basically, that is how tripwire works here. You keep them nice and warm leading up to your launch by giving them a tangible micro transformation in the process. So, a great example of this is templates or mini pieces of training. Any mini offer provides real value while still being like a small transformation leading up to your larger program.

No audience doesn’t want to be given transformation as quickly as possible and this is the essence of a low-end paid offer. By keeping your tiny offers transformation-focused, simple, and fast to get the results, you are going to have more people move through your customer journey with you.

#3. Mid-level Leveraged Offer

Generally, this offer gives a powerful transformation in a self-paced offer. What I really love about this offer is that it allows you to create a greater transformation for people and help them achieve it. 

The focus of this offer is the people who want to achieve a tangible transformation but maybe are not ready to commit to your program just yet. A way that you can make it a little bit more high-touch is to create a Facebook group where you can answer questions and give support and people can connect with other studentsbut without any live coaching. Remember that this is not something where you're trading your time on coaching calls for money. This just warms people up for that bigger offer until they feel ready to commit to your program.

#4. Group Program

The fourth offer is a group program. This should be your signature offer, the thing that you are known for, that highlights a higher level of touch and a deeper transformation.

In my opinion, this higher-level offer is something that you should launch live. Live launching just has a totally different energy. People build massive amounts of trust and can build a community when you go through a live launch. So, this is something that you really can leverage going into this offer.

When you connect with the people you're launching to and helping with this offer, it just deepens the experience for them.

#5. High-end High-Level Offer

This is the high-touch offer that puts you back into that time for money zone. So, more commonly, this could be the 1:1 coaching, small group coaching, or maybe those done-for-you services. 

If they are not ready yet, you have those first four offers. Not everybody is going to make it to your 1:1 and your high-touch group coaching program. That is perfectly okay. Remember that your fifth offer is for an exclusive group of people who want that level of support, and you can support them in that way at a higher price point.

So, when you're pricing your offers, and you're creating this high-touch high-end offer, keep in mind that there are people who are looking for that level of support.

In conclusion

The reason why these five offers are structured in their respective manner is to enable your clients to work with you at all levels. This way, they can grow through your programs no matter where they are starting. 

And that is what I truly mean by accessibility showing up for people at the level that they are at.

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