The 5 surprising reasons your offers aren’t converting

May 25, 2021

If you’ve ever had a launch that didn’t perform like you’d hoped, this one's for you. I am outlining the surprising reasons your offers aren’t converting, and what to do about it.

One thing you might not know about me is I am a scientist at heart. That said, my brain is always looking for patterns. Even when I started my business, I took on the same role. I keep looking for patterns and treating everything as an experiment.

My love for science didn’t prevent my first offer to become a mess, though. But hey, that’s still science. I considered it my first set of data in the table. I studied where I failed and ran another set of trial-and-error with a new strategy until I finally got it better.

See? Launching is like an experiment. It’s all about learning and reinventing your strategy.

Why your offers aren’t converting

If your offer isn’t attracting the kinds of conversions you were looking for, you might be making one of these 5 surprising mistakes. I am sharing the 5 biggest mistakes I see online entrepreneurs making with their offers, and how to fix them.

Mistake #1: You aren’t making it clear why YOUR offer is the best solution to their problem.

Your positioning is how to present your offer to your ideal client. If you haven't positioned yourself as the expert, or your offer as the obvious solution, or your offer as the best offer out there, your ideal client will keep looking.

Mistake #2: You’ve overstuffed your offer with “value”.

Somewhere along the way, your program has become so stuffed with videos and workbooks and bonus training that it no longer achieves your primary goal: to get people results. Your ideal client doesn’t want more videos and more workbooks. They want the transformation your program gives them.

Mistake #3: Your Bonus Stack looks more like a junk drawer.

Your program is the meat of your offer, but everything around that is the packaging. Having a ton of random bonuses that don't actually reach any of those goals is like adding MORE bows and ribbons to a present. It makes it louder, not any more valuable.

Mistake #4: Your promise is not compelling.

What your clients want is not your course but what it gets them. This is your promise. It is so important that you can connect your offer as the way to get the promise and create a compelling case for why they NEED your offer.

Mistake #5: Your price is out of alignment.

Don’t tell your clients how much to price their offer. But tell them the different things they should think about when they are deciding on their aligned price.

So there you have it!

I would love to hear what mistakes you were making! No shame, I have made all of them, which is how I figured this out. Remember, it’s science. This is how you learn and grow: by being willing to make mistakes and fix them.

If you want to dig even deeper into this, head on to my podcast. Listen to the full episode here. Stay tuned and don’t miss any of my podcast episodes!