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Fearless Podcast Episode 03: Pivot!

podcast Jun 05, 2019

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Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this episode, Jess shares about how she pivoted her business to stay aligned.

Jess used to write a health and fitness blog then moved to coaching with Beachbody before moving to coaching entrepreneurs. Each pivot came when her current business approach no longer felt aligned with her passions. And there is nothing wrong with that! As humans we are constantly growing and evolving, so our businesses should as well.

Your seasons of life naturally play a role in the alignment of your business, so if your business is no longer fully aligned, it might be time to pivot or make a change. You can make adjustments to your business as your interests and passions change. For example, if you own a health coaching business and focus primarily on exercise and then get injured, it would be natural and in alignment to move to nutrition-based coaching because it is still focusing on health but also something that you can physically do at that time.

However, you have to know when it’s time to make a full on pivot (gotta listen for the key!).

In reality, not making a change to stay aligned can be holding you back.

If you decide to pivot, do so by making gradual changes (so you don’t burn any bridges) and get clear on what you want. If you aren’t focused before pivoting, you won’t be focused after pivoting either.

Implement it now:

  • If you aren’t feeling aligned or inspired, reflect on why. Can you make a change now?

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