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Fearless Podcast Episode 04: Brazen and Brave with Kelley Rowland

podcast Jun 12, 2019

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Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this interview with Kelley Rowland, three main themes are to stop being small, follow your passions, and be brave. In this episode, Jess and Kelley talk about how much their lives have changed in the last six months after they stopped letting fear run their lives and they took steps to live out their passions.

A little about Kelley:  

It takes not being sorry for your dreams, not playing small, being bold, and just going for it. That’s what Kelley’s message is about. Don’t be afraid if you get all the way to rock bottom before you start making these shifts. That is not uncommon and a lot of people find themselves in a tough spot before they realize where they are at and that a change really needs to be made.

Kelley dives deep into two shifts she made in her: when she started her podcast and when she shared an important message on her podcast that her family did not love. In both of these times, Kelley had to make the decision that she was going to live for herself instead of for others…like a powerful, grown woman. Find strength inside of yourself to keep going rather than seeking validation from others. If you are aligned and following your passion, you can find strength.

If your close friends and family experience growing pains as you are growing your business and learning more, it is okay! They did not sign up for the growth that you did, so be prepared for some, but recognize that it’s about them, not you. Don’t be afraid of the fear of judgement of other people. Do it for yourself and stop disappointing yourself.

Kelley shares tips for becoming more brazen and brave.

  • First tip: Get to know yourself and what lights you up. Allow yourself to dream big and go after it.
  • Second tip: Don’t get lost in becoming a mom or just being a woman. It’s so easy to change who you are because you are a woman in general, don’t allow yourself to do that.
  • Third tip: Don’t pigeon-hole yourself by defining yourself by your 9-5 job. You can define yourself based on whatever you want, including what you are passionate about or your side hustle. Let go of the guilt, remember why you are doing what you are passionate about.
  • Fourth tip: Put yourself first so you can be better for everyone else.

You are allowed to grow. Don’t be afraid to keep growing. Burn out is real, and one way to avoid that is pursuing what fills you up, what you enjoy, and reflect on how your life is going. Consider hustle versus grind. The grind is what is exhausting, working hard but not getting anywhere. Hustle is when you are in alignment, working hard and progressing. Hustle is a good place to be (depending on your goals), but you should avoid the grind because it is not helping you or your business!

Kelley and Jess also discuss comparison versus “checking up on competition”. Even if you follow someone who does something similar to you, they are not your competition. You are playing a completely different game than everyone else. “Checking up on competition” can quickly spiral into comparison, which is bad news and can negatively affect your confidence. Don’t fall trap to the comparison game. It’s important to protect your energy and don’t compare yourself to others. Jess says “comparison is the fear of not measuring up to the other person.” Are you playing the same game as the other person? Probably not. In the end, comparison is a waste of time and energy and you can lose yourself in the comparison trying to make yourself more valuable.

Implement it now:

  • Don’t water yourself down. Be extra. Say what you want to say. Don’t be afraid of the backlash. (Note: This does not apply if you’re about to be mean or hurtful, only if you are being real, raw, and empowering.)
  • Reflect periodically on your life. What is working? What is not working? What can you change? Don’t be afraid to make those changes in order to avoid burn out.
  • If you find yourself comparing, remove yourself from the situation. On Instagram, either unfollow or mute accounts that don’t make you feel great. On Facebook, you can unfollow or unfriend people or pages and unfollow, mute, or leave groups where you find yourself comparing.

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