Getting Better Quality Leads into your Launches

Feb 01, 2022

If you have ever launched your course or program before, or if you have struggled to even gain an audience big enough to launch, today's episode is going to be really helpful for you. One of the biggest things I’ve realized over time is that more people going into your launch is not necessarily better. I've seen and learned this lesson from my mentors and my own experience firsthand by only really focusing on just getting more and more people in. So I have engineered a few ways that you can qualify your leads better leading up to your launch so that you can have a higher conversion rate and a more successful launch overall.



In this episode, you’ll discover


  • The essential step you’re skipping that’s suffocating your launch performance. 
  • Why it feels like you’re doing ALL the things for your launch only to come away with lackluster results.
  • What a dog whistle has to do with increasing your conversion rate! 

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