How To Save A Launch When It’s Not Going Your Way

Nov 02, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a launch that didn’t go the way you planned? If yes, this blog is for you. Today, I’m going to discuss three specific things that you can do to redirect your energy and save a launch that didn’t go the way you hoped for.

Why ‘Launch Disappointment’ happens and how to avoid it.

The common reaction we get when our launch starts derailing is to panic. This happens because we’ve built an attachment towards our goals. When you create expectations, you create attachment. So when something doesn't go the way we hoped for, we get frustrated and feel disappointed with ourselves. And when we feel these negative emotions, we end up setting scary launch goals because we think that it’s what we needed to do to reach our goals.

With that being said, here are 3 simple things that you can do to control your launch and start steering things in another direction.

#1. Detach from the outcome.

The first thing you need to do when your launch starts getting out of hand is to be present in your body. Ask yourself these questions: “What am I so afraid of?” and “What am I afraid of if I don’t hit this goal?”

One of the least productive emotions is worrying because it doesn’t get you into action. So knowing the answers to these questions will prevent you from worrying. This will also help you unlock the things that keep you feeling motivated or believing in yourself that you can do it despite circumstances that may occur unexpectedly. This also makes you feel prepared for what's going to happen if Plan A didn’t work. At the end of the day, being attached to the outcome and panicking about it isn't going to help you.

#2. Be curious and be ready to serve.

When things stop working the way they should work, get curious. Dig deeper into the problem so you can find a solution. When you’re curious, you start to look at things more objectively. You’ll start to put yourself out of the situation and look at things from another perspective. Instead of worrying, why not be curious and be an investigator of your own? Which leads us to— being ready to serve.

Being able to serve is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when you’re launching. When we get into launch chaos, we start overthinking and stressing that our supposed outcome is not going the way we hoped for. Worrying about the future means that we’re not living in the present moment.

So what we need to do to save our launch is to truly serve your audience by being present with them. Instead of worrying and being attached to the outcome, think about how you can give better service to your audience. Building connections with our audience is very important in building our business. They make us better.

#3. Plan and align down-sell.

This is one of the most overlooked opportunities with launches and I can’t emphasize this enough. One of the biggest mistakes people make is ghosting potential clients at the end of their launch. You don’t know, those people wanted to buy from you because they made it through your launch. They’ve read your emails, checked out your sales page— it’s just that something’s keeping them from taking action.

One simple but impactful thing you can do that other people are missing, ask them. Ask them for feedback. Simple and easy to do, right? You don’t have to make long surveys where they have to put their name or email or whatever to get feedback. Just make it super simple. You can also offer a couple of options of why it’s easy to participate, and so on.

Getting feedback will not only help you in your next launch, but it will also become an opportunity for you to offer them a down-sell to continue serving them. This way you continue to build relationships with them.

Final Takeaway

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These are just some of the tips I can share with you on how you can save your launch when it’s not coming out the way you expected. I hope this will help you hold your hands back on the wheel and start to turn things back in the right direction.