Own Your Money with Belinda

Feb 08, 2022

Are you ready to banish your money myths?

Today I’m sitting down with my friend and former client, Belinda Rosemblum, CEO of Own Your Money to really dig deep into abundance mindset, money blocks, and what it really means to own your money. 

A little background: Belinda is a CPA and money strategist whose early life circumstances pushed her into a place where money became a complete overwhelm. Drawing from her own experience, she created The Cashflow CEO to empower female entrepreneurs to take control of their finances and truly own their money. 

Wayyy too often in the course creator space we can experience an explosion of growth. You know, that moment when everything suddenly clicks and you go from your business being an idea to a six figure revenue stream. And (to quote a certain superhero movie) with great power comes great responsibility, but that’s the part of the puzzle we’re not necessarily ready for. Everyone is constantly telling you HOW to get to six figures but never what to do once you’re there. 

I know when I made my first $10k I was the mayor of overwhelm city. So much so that I immediately hired a “director of finances” (aka my husband) because I just couldn’t deal with it. But the bottom line, as Belinda so helpfully states it, is “If you give a child three scoops of ice cream and they're walking out the ice cream parlor door and all three scoops fall on the floor, when you go back up to the counter to get the child another ice cream, you're not getting them three scoops, you're getting them one. And they need to prove to you that they can handle the one. And once they prove the one, then maybe you can try two.” 

That analogy is soooo perfect for course creators in the middle of the money. You’ve made enough where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but not enough where you can retire, send your kids to college and buy a vacation house in Sedona, right? What do you do when you’re in that awkward ugly duckling stage of your business?

The secret is so simple: surrender to the unknown and get back to learning! Chances are you took some course or program to learn how to start your business, so it just makes sense to continue your education once you’ve mastered the first part! That’s exactly why Belinda created Get Smart With Your Business Money - to give newly successful entrepreneurs actionable steps and resources to grow and scale their initial success. 

The bottom line is, as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be an accountant or a money expert - you just need to know enough and have the resources to own that money and what it means for their business. And if you’re ready to get started, Belinda has an amazing workshop called Get Smart With Your Business Money. This workshop is a great diving board to jumpstart your financial journey as an entrepreneur from the ground up. 

Check out Belinda here!

Get Smart With Your Business Money - https://ownyourmoney.isrefer.com/go/smart/jessoconnell/

5 Best Ways To Create Consistent $10k+ Cash Months - https://ownyourmoney.isrefer.com/go/revenue/jessoconnell/

Self Worth To Net Worth Book - https://ownyourmoney.isrefer.com/go/book/jessoconnell/

Cash Flow CEO program - https://ownyourmoney.isrefer.com/go/cfceo/jessoconnell/


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