The (totally legal) way to get inside your ideal client's mind

Feb 22, 2022

Do you want to learn my secret for effectively communicating the outcome of my program, while also speaking really specifically to the things that my ideal client is struggling with?


Today’s topic really excites me because it’s something that I’ve been really leaning into in my business and something I was really hesitant about for the longest time. When I started my business, I felt like I was in that “short order course creator mode” where you're just looking to your audience and saying like, “Okay, what do you guys want to learn next?”, and creating courses, like a short-order cook. But at the end of the day, I believe that we were put here for a purpose to do something bigger than just create the things that the people in our audience are saying that they want. And so for a long time, I had resistance around doing market research, because to me, doing market research felt like stepping back into that short order mode and creating offers and programs based on what they wanted. But I don't think that that's really how we're supposed to do market research, right? I believe our programs come from our ability to tune in to the universe (or God or Source or whatever floats your boat) and I don't think that outsourcing that piece of your business to your audience is an effective way to grow or an effective way to feel fulfilled by your business. But I do think that there is a right way to do market research that can be incredibly effective when it comes to your messaging, and I’ve got a few tips for you on how to achieve that without spending hours on awkward market research Zoom calls.


Chances are you’ve used Facebook before for your business. Maybe you have a business page, or you’ve run a few ads to promote a launch. But Facebook isn’t just for ads anymore, people! Your ideal clients are spilling all their deepest pain points and basically writing copy for you - and it’s all happening inside groups. I actually stumbled upon this gem by total accident, since I’m a course creator but my ideal clients are other course creators, I found myself in several communities full of my ideal clients. And I started to see what they were posting, the things that they were struggling with, repetition in the way that they were describing their problems. And I realized that, in my messaging, I was talking about the same problem. But they were describing it differently than I was. So it was really powerful to see how other people who were going through the problems that I help with, describe what they're going through and it totally changed the way I looked at Facebook and my messaging. (Just don’t be that person sliding into everyone's DMs to pitch them your product, ok?)


I’m sure you know how valuable your email list is, but did you know that there’s a button to take that value and 10x it? It’s a little button labeled “Reply”. I wish that people were more responsive to emails, I often send emails that say “Hit reply, and let me know!” and not that many people tend to actually do it. But there are sneaky ways you can actually get them to hit reply. For example, there's a strategy out there called “The Nine Word Email” which is exactly what it sounds like. But it asks a very simple question that tends to get more responses. Usually consumers are so used to getting big wordy emails, so when you send something so short and simple you’ll get a lot of people saying “Hey, did you mean to send this?” and now you’ve gotten their attention and you’ve gotten them engaged. So asking your community wherever they may be, is a great way to get, again, inspiration for your messaging and copy


The last tip I have for you is actually one of my favorites, and it’s just adding an intake form to your purchases. This goes for products at any level of your business, from low tickets to your signature offer because anytime that people make a purchase, there is an opportunity to get more information from them. So the way that I have this currently set up now with my evergreen program, is that after they make the purchase, the thank you page takes them to a video introducing them to the program and asking them to fill out the survey below the video. The trick is positioning the survey as a prerequisite to actually beginning the program or accessing what they’ve purchased. Of course, if they checked their email they’d find out the login link has been there the whole time, but I have over a 90% completion rate using this method. And doing an intake form is not only a great way to start collecting testimonials and get people invested in the process, it's also a great way to get clarity on your messaging. Because the people who just joined your program are obviously your ideal clients, but you’ve caught them in the moment where they still haven’t solved their problem yet. So by using open-ended questions you can get a goldmine of copy.


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