What is a Quantum Course Creator?

Apr 27, 2022


New name, who dis?


You may have noticed some changes around the podcast and on today's episode, I'm going to talk about why the change what the change is, and all the fun things that are coming from here.


I am so excited to introduce you to The Quantum Course Creators podcast! This name and rebrand has been on my heart for a little while now and I am so excited to bring it into the world and really show you how powerful being a quantum course creator will be. If you’ve been here for a while, you know The Launch Fix has been all about launching. But I started to realize that talking about launching was a lot like talking about the form of running. Now hear me out, you know, I'm here with the analogies. When you want to learn how to run better, you might find content that is like how to run better, right? That's a lot like launching is like how to improve your form running. But what I realized is that while I was really good at helping improve their form around running, I really wasn't clear on why they were running in the first place. Why are you launching? What are you launching? What is the bigger purpose in the world that your programs fulfill when you launch? And that's really what I started to tap into over the last quarter or so is really understanding the bigger picture here. Yes, you want to launch? Yes, you want to launch better? But why? What are you trying to accomplish? What is the change that's created in the world when you launch better? And these are the questions that I've really been sitting with, and working through in my own journey and how I can help you. Yes, learn how to launch better, but also learn how to be a better business owner, and develop the bigger areas of your business. So that you can have the impact that you desire. And so that's really when the quantum course creator idea came to mind.


As a course creator, you're probably a thought leader or subject matter expert, or content creator who serves your audience with online courses. And you're likely somebody with a big vision or a mission to change the norms in your industry. There is something that has always been done or something that everybody else is talking about, that you totally disagree with, and that's why you created your program. That's why you are a course creator, because you see a gap in your industry or you see a problem that needs solving or you see something that people need help figuring out. And that is what makes you a quantum course creator, you have a bigger vision and a mission to serve your audience in a bigger way. You also deeply desire to make a difference in the world, and a massive impact with your programs. A quantum course creator isn't somebody who just wants to help three people. They're the kind of person who wants to help 300 people, or 3000 people or 30,000 people. There's somebody who has a big vision and they big desire to make a massive impact on the world with their programs. And they want to be known as the go to for just one thing and cultivate a thriving business around that thing. Like I said, a quantum course creator is a thought leader, they're a subject matter expert. They are not a jack of all trades.


By really going all in and being known for one thing, that is what is going to create that quantum impact in that quantum growth in your business. A quantum course creator is that go-to person for whatever they do in their industry. A quantum course creator embodies that highest version of themselves, and knows that there's this quantum force supporting them along the way. This has been one of the biggest shifts in my own business, and really understanding how I play a role in this cosmic world where my role is in all of this.


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