What to do if your launch flops

Mar 29, 2022

Ever had a launch go not quite like you planned? Today's I am talking all about flopped launches, aka a launch that did not quite go according to plan, Whether that means that you didn't hit your goal, or something happened in the middle of it that made it feel like it wasn't quite what you were looking for, let’s go to a little launch therapy today.

Now you may be wondering, what's the difference between a “flopped” launch and a “failed” launch? The biggest difference is I don't believe in using the “F” word when talking about launches (not that word, silly, “failed”). I don't believe that an activity where you put yourself out there and you do the thing can possibly fail. If you launched at all it was not a failure. So I like to say “flopped” instead.

So your launch flopped. Maybe you put 110% in and numbers didn’t land where you wanted them to. Maybe you hit that Day 3 slump and never finished it out. Or maybe some freak accident just happened out of the blue and you weren’t able to launch the way you wanted. Good news - you’re in good company! The only people who have never had a flopped launch are people who have never launched at all (yes, I’m even talking about Mr Business By Design himself) 

So, let's dive into it. The first thing that you should do after your launch has flopped his do your launch debrief. If no one has bought anything, or even more, so if less people bought than you were hoping you need to know your numbers. If you do not do your launch debrief, you will have no idea how it actually went, like I've talked about in past episodes, your emotions are not a good indicator of the success or failure of a launch. So the first thing is to do the debrief, know your numbers that will give you the data in order to move forward. Because they're just numbers. Same thing with the number on the scale, right? It's just data. And you have to look at the data in order to improve the data. So the first step in not going into witness protection and completely changing your business after a flop launch is to do the debrief. Look at the numbers.

The second thing from there is to learn from the numbers. This is something that I see almost nobody talking about in the online launching space and is really the hill that I will die on when it comes to launching. But your launches are not a pass fail opportunity. You didn't either get the A+ or you’re a complete failure. That's not how launching works. And if you're looking at it as this binary Pass/Fail thing, you're missing such an opportunity to learn from your launches. After you do the debrief, you should look at the numbers and see what did I learn from this? What areas can be improved, and determine three variables that you can test in your next launch?

The only thing you can be doing wrong in your launch is completely scrapping everything and starting fresh each time. Newsflash! You don’t need to write a new sales page! You don’t need to re-do the six email sequence you wrote! You only need to pick three things to focus on and really get curious about: pre-launch audience growth, promotion for your launch, and doing it all over again! Once you can approach your launch results like the results of a science experiment and not an AP Bio exam, trust me you and your business will benefit.

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