Why Your Launches Aren't Performing

Aug 11, 2020

Does this sound familiar?


I have great idea for a course or for an offer or for whatever.


You throw it out there.


You launch it immediately.


You go from idea to launch in like 2.8 seconds.


You announce on Facebook, "Hey, I'm launching this course about blah, blah, blah. Here's how you join."


Even if you have a Facebook group or an Instagram following, you share it there, you're very excited.


Maybe you even go live and you launch it out into the world, but it doesn't sell out on day one.


You're like, yes, this is perfect.


Everybody wants this. Everyone's going to love it and wait for the people to come flooding into you and then the end of day one and crickets. Nobody is buying.


Nobody wants what you have, at least that's what you think, and it does not sell out immediately.


Then you start to doubt yourself and doubt your idea.


You're like, "Ooh, maybe it wasn't that great of an idea. People don't seem to want it, even though I think it's amazing."


You start to kind of get into your head about it, about the offer, about you, about your audience.


Am I even doing the right thing?


People don't seem to care about this.


I need a new niche.


All of these things.


All of that self doubt tends to creep in.


You just stop talking about it. You stop mentioning it, you stop emailing about it, you stop posting about it.


You're like, maybe if I don't talk about it again, people forget that this ever happened.


We get in our heads and then we stop talking about it.


Then you just come to the conclusion, that launching is hard.


That's your experience.


You threw it out there, you launched it, nobody bought it, you doubted yourself, you stopped talking about it, and you decide that launching is hard.


I went through this cycle over and over and over again of flopped launches or launches that didn't sell to very many people, like 10 people would buy it and they would be like, "Well, I'm just going to stop talking about it."


We get into our head and we form this story, we form this belief that launching is hard.


When you form that belief and you go into your business and you want to launch something, you're like, "Oh, remember that time when I threw it out there and nobody wanted it? Launching is hard."


I had this story for a long time and so I was creating the experience of launching being hard because that was the belief system that I was operating from.


I realized that the way that I was launching is the reason why launching was hard.


Instead I started to look at what other people were doing in their businesses, successful people, and I started to see the differences between what they were doing and what I was doing.


I took a step back and I got really curious and I decided to listen to the other people who know more than I do. I started to see patterns.


I started to see that successful entrepreneurs were building an audience before they were launching something.


There seemed to be multiple phases to their launches where they were clearly putting out a free opportunity or a free offer, and then putting out some kind of launch experience and then launching their offer.


I realized that this was not on accident and that this method of launching is actually rather effective.


Taking a look at that and starting to implement these things into my business, I created what I called the Aligned Launch Method.



Click the image below and see for yourself:)