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Fearless Podcast Episode 02: Hack your motivation with Dennis Timpanaro

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this interview with Dennis Timpanaro we dive in to learning, motivation, and how to become successful.

A little about Dennis:  Dennis has a seemingly endless supply of motivation. He’s an entrepreneur, former world-ranked archer, and founder of GOtivation. Dennis loves meeting new people and is happy to share his crazy life experiences ranging from the 2016 Olympic Trials, career as a global director at McDonalds, and years of consulting. Dennis lives just outside Chicago. He can often be found playing Nintendo with his 6-year old son, telling dad-jokes to his newborn daughter, trying new foods with his wife, and growing exotic vegetables.

When is the last time you learned something brand new from scratch? In reality, most people stop learning consistently as they get older, so you want to actively make sure you keep...

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Fearless Podcast Episode 01: Being fearless doesn't mean never being afraid

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! We are so glad you are here. In this first episode, you will get an introduction to Jess O’Connell's background and what it means to be fearless.

 A little about Jess:

  • Her first experience receiving public attention brought a lot of fear, so Jess had to learn how to become fearless.
  • She claimed the mantra “I am fearless.”
  • She reflected and took steps to stay aligned with her authentic self in each season of her business.

Sometimes you have to let go of things in order to move forward…and that will be a recurring theme in this podcast! Make sure to continuously reflect on where you are now because that is constantly changing.

What does it mean to be fearless? In this episode, Jess tackled the common misconception that being fearless means that you do not care what other people think…because of course you care!...

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What's keeping you safe is keeping you stuck.

What is keeping you safe? Is it a job you hate that feels stable? A body you don't love, but feels comfortable? Maybe its playing safe in your business because growing is unknown, and that in itself is scary.

We tend to hold tight to the things that make us feel safe, even if they aren't serving us. And often the thing that is keeping us safe, is really keeping us stuck.

This is a realization I came to about 6 months ago. It had been in the back of my mind for a while, not really feeling aligned to what I was doing as a fitness coach anymore, but it was a business I had put a lot of time and energy into, and leaving it felt impossible. Not just because of the financial security, but the predictability. The devil you know. But I kept feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that this was not meant for me anymore.

Have you ever felt that? This gut feeling that something just wasn't right? But the idea of making a change scared the crap out of you?

I believe we are given these gut...

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