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How to Sell like Chick-fil-a

Giving free value feels really good to me. It makes sales easy and fun, plus it gives people a taste, before inviting them to buy the sandwich. 


So how do you avoid someone standing outside asking for more and more free nuggets? 

You don’t. But you have to trust that at some point, when that person is ready, they will buy the sandwich. And if not, you at least made a difference for them, and that is enough. 


Since you don’t have a literal chicken restaurant (or maybe you do, no judgment) how do you do this? 

-Give nuggets of value for free with content

-Free trainings like webinars of 3 day challenges

-live streams

-Youtube, podcast, etc


This value packed content not only establishes you as an authority, it builds trust and helps people know and like you (the 3 must haves in a sales relationship). 

Ask yourself these questions:

- What does my ideal client need to see to know me, like me and trust me?

-What are their biggest...

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5 Steps to your Next Level Self

Your identity isn't fixed. You have the ability to change your identity and shift out of the identity that is no longer helping you achieve your goals.


There are 5 key pieces that come into play when we talk about your identity. These pieces are your environment, your behaviors, your beliefs, your values, and your identifiers.

In order to change who you are, you might try to change starting at the bottom with our environment. This is the place I see people start all the time. In order to really make change, though, you have to change your identity- if you continue to refer to yourself as one thing or another, then you're not going to make lasting change. We have to start with changing our identity.


I believe that the key to changing your identity starts at the top. When you start with changing your identity, there's a few different things you need to do. The first thing you're going to do is start by writing down the things that the next level version of...

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Ditch your Vision Board (and do this instead)

If you’ve been around the internet for a minute, you know that vision boards are the best thing since sliced bread. Every year, we whip out our poster boards, our torn up magazines, and start creating these elaborate boards with our dream bodies, dream vacations, dream cars and dream homes. We finish up our craft project and stick it on the wall, only to keep NOT achieving the dreams on that board. Then by the middle of the year, we start to compare our life to the imaginary dream life we cut out months prior, and by the end of the year we are exactly where we were last year, but feeling even further behind based on the standard we set one year before. 


Sound familiar? 


Even if it’s not that dramatic, most people compare their daily life to that of their dream reality, and feel like they aren’t measuring up. And every year they still don’t have the dream house/ car/ vacation/ body they feel even worse about themselves, and like they...

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Let go of the fear and embrace the suck!

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listenhere. 

The fear of starting keeps a lot of people from getting started in the first place. If that’s you, you are in the right place. It is important to get started anyway, even if you are terrified of having to learn something new and, of course, are afraid to fail. 

Don’t be afraid to suck. This fear keeps people from starting. But be real, of course you are not going to be perfect at something new when you are doing it for the first time. Think about kids—they are always terrible at things they are learning. And that’s okay! No one is going to hate you because you were bad at something at the beginning of learning something new. For the first 20-25 years of your life you learn consistently, but then we stop putting ourselves in these learning situations. Keep putting yourself in those learning situations, be bad at it for a little bit, be uncomfortable,...

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Fearless Podcast Episode 04: Brazen and Brave with Kelley Rowland

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this interview with Kelley Rowland, three main themes are to stop being small, follow your passions, and be brave. In this episode, Jess and Kelley talk about how much their lives have changed in the last six months after they stopped letting fear run their lives and they took steps to live out their passions.

A little about Kelley:  

It takes not being sorry for your dreams, not playing small, being bold, and just going for it. That’s what Kelley’s message is about. Don’t be afraid if you get all the way to rock bottom before you start making these shifts. That is not uncommon and a lot of people find themselves in a tough spot before they realize where they are at and that a change really needs to be made.

Kelley dives deep into two shifts she made in her: when she started her podcast and when she...

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Fearless Podcast Episode 03: Pivot!

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this episode, Jess shares about how she pivoted her business to stay aligned.

Jess used to write a health and fitness blog then moved to coaching with Beachbody before moving to coaching entrepreneurs. Each pivot came when her current business approach no longer felt aligned with her passions. And there is nothing wrong with that! As humans we are constantly growing and evolving, so our businesses should as well.

Your seasons of life naturally play a role in the alignment of your business, so if your business is no longer fully aligned, it might be time to pivot or make a change. You can make adjustments to your business as your interests and passions change. For example, if you own a health coaching business and focus primarily on exercise and then get injured, it would be natural and in alignment to move to nutrition-based coaching...

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Fearless Podcast Episode 02: Hack your motivation with Dennis Timpanaro

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this interview with Dennis Timpanaro we dive in to learning, motivation, and how to become successful.

A little about Dennis:  Dennis has a seemingly endless supply of motivation. He’s an entrepreneur, former world-ranked archer, and founder of GOtivation. Dennis loves meeting new people and is happy to share his crazy life experiences ranging from the 2016 Olympic Trials, career as a global director at McDonalds, and years of consulting. Dennis lives just outside Chicago. He can often be found playing Nintendo with his 6-year old son, telling dad-jokes to his newborn daughter, trying new foods with his wife, and growing exotic vegetables.

When is the last time you learned something brand new from scratch? In reality, most people stop learning consistently as they get older, so you want to actively make sure you keep...

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Fearless Podcast Episode 01: Being fearless doesn't mean never being afraid

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! We are so glad you are here. In this first episode, you will get an introduction to Jess O’Connell's background and what it means to be fearless.

 A little about Jess:

  • Her first experience receiving public attention brought a lot of fear, so Jess had to learn how to become fearless.
  • She claimed the mantra “I am fearless.”
  • She reflected and took steps to stay aligned with her authentic self in each season of her business.

Sometimes you have to let go of things in order to move forward…and that will be a recurring theme in this podcast! Make sure to continuously reflect on where you are now because that is constantly changing.

What does it mean to be fearless? In this episode, Jess tackled the common misconception that being fearless means that you do not care what other people think…because of course you care!...

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