Finally, feel in control and confident in your launches, knowing everything is taken care of.

The first thing I hear when I mention launching is overwhelm and exhaustion about ALL the steps to make it happen.

Launching doesn't HAVE to be exhausting and overwhelming. And with my launch checklist, you will never go into a launch feeling unprepared again!

YES, take away the overwhelm!

What exactly is a launch checklist?


The Complete Launch Checklist is like if your launch had a wedding planner.

It takes the guesswork out of launching by telling you exactly what needs to get done and by when - all you have to do is plug in your cart open date.

If you've ever tried to create your own runway only to put yourself in launch paralysis, overwhelmed thinking of everything that needs to get done, this checklist is for you!

The checklist does the heavy lifting for you and lays out your launch runway in a clear, easy-to-follow spreadsheet so the only thing left for you to do is execute!

What makes this amazing... the super fancy Google magic that auto-populates the due dates based on your cart open date. 

If you are hustling at the end of your launch, writing cart close emails on the night before they're supposed to go out, trying to keep it all together, you can not be fully present IN your launch to support the people who are on the fence.

This results in lower conversions, low connection, and way more stress than you need. 

This launch checklist lays it alllll out, and sets due dates well in advance so you can go into your launch feeling calm, confident and ready to connect with your potential clients so they can make an empowered decision to join you!

I need this!

If you're ready to STOP stressing over your launches and START launching like a seasoned pro you need to grab this checklist.

The best part? It's 100% FREE

So what are you waiting for? 

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