Create Content like a Boss

Feel like you're spinning your wheels with your content? Spending what feels like forever staring at the blank box trying to get inspired to post? Or even getting caught scrolling through the feed hoping something inspires you?

I get it. Because that was me too, about 6 months ago. 

I had a realization that I was only creating content for my business when I felt like it. And most days, I didn't. And I realized that other successful businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers were creating content whether they felt like it or not. Talk about a wake up call. 

The simple shift that made the biggest difference in my business was creating content like a business. Think about it! Target doesn't only create content or send marketing emails when they feel like it. They send them consistently and systematically because they are a business. 

If you want your business to run like a business (and pay you like one), its important to start running it like a business! And in the world of social media, creating content is a huge part of your business. 

Content is your business.

We conduct the vast majority of our business online, so our content is often the first exposure people have to us. What do you want that impression to be? 

Relying on your mood or feeling inspired to create content and post on social media is keeping your business from growing like you desire. You aren't always going to feel like posting, but showing up consistently is what builds solid relationships.  

Create know, love and trust with your followers by creating consistent content is how you convert them to your paying clients.

I need a system!

Become a Content Creation Machine

When you started a business, you didn't instantly become a great marketer. You had a passion for something, and decided to go for it. But along the way you found yourself throwing content at the wall, seeing what stuck. This method has worked (kinda) so far, but in order to really take your business to the next level, it's time to get organized. 

After searching far and wide for a program that would teach me how to create a content creation strategy that actually converted, I came up short. That is why I decided to put on my scientist hat, and create my own. Tested and tweaked by yours truly, this system is the exact system I used to grow my IG following from 0 in March 2019 to over 1300 today. AND how I went from stuck at $2K months to consistently bringing in $10K+ in monthly revenue. It really works.

This program will:

1. help you define your Brand Identity so you can connect with your squad (group of raving loyal customers and followers).

2. teach you how to develop content that speaks to your people and moves them to take action.

3. show you my proven system for creating content like a B.O.S.S. so you can stop posting when you feel like it and start creating content like a business.  


How would it feel for your ideal client to be magnetized to you? 

You have an engaged social media following of your perfect ideal clients who are attracted to you like magnets. You love showing up and creating for them because you know they get so much value from hearing from you. You never get sick of hearing "This is exactly what I needed to hear!"

And when life gets hectic, you don't worry about ghosting them because your content is already on it's way to them. 

No more guilt for missing a day (or week) at a time, or scrambling at the last minute to get a post up because you haven't sold anything yet that week. 

Just beautiful, curated content that flows and grows your business. 

Show me how!

Let me show you how

About 6 months ago, I shifted my mindset and started creating content like a BOSS. The result has been astronomical growth.

I was stuck in the "feel like it" trap for years. And the sad fact was that I really rarely felt like it. So my content was scattered, and often forced. So much so that I would literally copy/paste content from my mentors (with permission, of course, but not my proudest moment). 

I would get so frustrated when a post would work so well for them, yet seemingly fall flat for me. What I didn't understand was that their content was speaking to their squad, not mine. So OF COURSE my people weren't hearing it!

So when I started creating content systematically and strategically, I started attracting my true ideal clients, and really speaking TO them, which turned them from raving fans to loyal customers. 

Ready to learn how?

What will I learn?

Click on each lesson topic to learn more

Who are you, and what makes you special. When you speak to a wide general audience, you truly are speaking to no one. We will identify who you are, what your brand stands for, and what kind of content your squad identifies with most, so you can stop guessing and start attracting. 

Finally get clarity on what makes you YOU so you can feel confident that you are standing out in a very saturated market! Just because you aren't the ONLY person who sells what you sell doesn't mean anyone else does it like you do.

It's time to stand out!

The #1 mistake I see online business owners doing right now is creating content without a purpose. When you are a brand, your social media is no longer an internet diary, where you post your rants and raves. 

I will show you how to create content that your squad wants to see and identifies with because it is for them, not your mom and grandma. 

Maybe you are creating decent content (at least you think you are) but people still aren't engaging. I will teach you how to create content that gets seen as well as gets likes and comments. 

I will also show you how to create a culture of engagement in your community so your squad is the first to show up and engage on your content. 

Lastly I am going to teach you my BOSS system for creating content. Stop posting when you feel like it and start showing up consistently with this simple to follow system. 

This system alone will completely change the game for your business, it really is the secret sauce to content creation success. 

The Nitty-Gritty

When you enroll, you will get an email with log in information to our course portal. In there, you will find all of the content, ready to go at your own pace.

You will also find a link to our private lifetime Facebook community for Content Creation Machine students. This is a place to ask questions, post things for feedback, and work in a community of entrepreneurs implementing this system.


Plus you get these awesome bonuses!

Trello Content Flow

Learn to use the organizational system that has transformed the way I run my business. Not only do I show you how to use it, but I also give you a Trello board template. This content flow will make it easier for you to create solid content.

Later- my secret weapon!

If you've been looking for a social media scheduler that will automatically post to all platforms- Later is it. I dish with you all the amazing things this scheduler can do and why it's become my go to.

Instagram Manifesto

Stop fighting the algorithm and start getting seen! Your people ARE on IG, we're gonna find them! I am giving you my Insta Growth HACKS and my fool proof Hashtag strategy (INCLUDING my secret list of niched hashtags!). 

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