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Hi! I'm Jess, the creator of the Quantum Course Lab.

I created the Quantum Course Lab to show you how to create a profitable, impact driven coaching business full of the freedom you started this business to have in the first place.

I have been running a multiple 6-figure course driven business for almost 4 years, all centered around one signature course that I sell year-round with live launches and evergreen funnels. After riding the Live Launch Rollercoaster, with feast or famine cycles of revenue, I made a bold decision against the advice of my business coach at the time.

I decided to sell my signature course on evergreen between launches, and started bringing in 10K months of revenue without even having to launch.

Now, just 3 years later, I have made over $500K and served almost 1000 students all stemming from that one signature course, that I still sell on evergreen between my annual live launches.

All while working less hours, and spending more time at Disneyland with my two young daughters.