You've heard the phrase "What got you here, will not get you there", and that can not be more true when it comes to scaling your launches.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to scale is launching their offer to their new audience the same way they did to their existing audience.

And if you are struggling to scale, and feel like you are not attracting the right people for your offers, you are likely making this same mistake.

Here's the thing. There is no one sized fits all launch strategy that works for everyone. Your offer is completely unique to you, what makes you think your launch strategy would be any different?

But there are set launching principles that when added to your own personal energetic blueprint can create the perfect launch strategy for you.

Imagine launching feeling light and in flow, but still structured and planned. Not feeling overwhelmed or exhausted around cart open, but instead excited to serve and receive new students.

This is what Launch Alignment feels like, and it's absolutely crucial if you want to scale. You can "fake it till you make it" to 5 figure launches, but you will never reach your bigger goals of welcoming hundreds (or thousands) of students, having a 6 figure (or 7 figure) launch and reaching true thought leadership without Alignment.

This is exactly what I learned when I tried to scale my first offer.

Launch after launch, I would make a little bit more, but I was struggling to make any real headway with my offers. This is when I decided to take a step back, and become a student of launching.

I asked myself "What are the things that people making 7 figure launches doing that I am not doing?" and this question became the 2 year experiment that lead to the creation of my Aligned Launch Formula ®.

Simply put, the missing ingredient was alignment. 

In my first launch experiment, I implemented the 6 phases of alignment into my launch, and went from an $8K launch to a $47K launch in 1 year (with zero launches in between).

I took this strategy and tested it with a new offer, and took that from a $10K launch in Jan 2020 to a $70K launch in July 2020.

And it didn't stop there.

I helped my client Courtney double her launch, from $8K to $17K in just 3 months, AND grow her list by over 500 qualified leads!

I helped my client Jess make $150K with her $250 program. 

I helped my client Sydney create a scalable launch asset, that she was able to copy/paste launch with ease!

and more!

And now I am bringing this transformational program to you in the Aligned Launch Lab.

The Aligned Launch Lab is not another online course to put on your digital bookshelf. It is a 12 month group coaching lab, where you will build your scalable offer and launch asset that you can launch to infinity and beyond!

Over 12 months, you will work through the 3 phases of the program to Align, Launch and Scale your offer, so you walk away with everything you need to launch that you can just copy/paste and scale.


This program includes:

  • 12 months of group coaching and support in the lab
  • 3 phases of program curriculum to help you learn and implement the Aligned Launch Formula ®
  • Weekly 90 minute group coaching calls to get support as you work through the program and launch your offer
  • Hands-on review and support while building your launch asset so you have expert eyes on everything you put out.
  • Four 1:1 Launch Debrief calls with a launch coach to review your launch performance and what to tweak for your next experiment 
You'll work through the 3 phases of the Aligned Launch Formula ®. 

Align | Launch | Scale

Phase 1: Align

In this phase, you will focus on bringing everything into alignment. Your offer, your energy, your messaging, all of it. 

At the end of this phase, you will have

  • A deep understanding of your own energy, and exactly how to stay in alignment to avoid feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • Alignment with your purpose. You will feel lit up by your program and your content, so you can't help but ooze enthusiasm when you talk about it.
  • A truly aligned message from the top to bottom of your funnel that brings in ideal clients and moves them through to conversion like a water slide.
  • An aligned customer journey, so you can bring people through it on their way to your signature offer, and have a plan to pre-sell, downsell, upsell and on-sell them all the way through.

Phase 2: Launch

This is where you will launch your program, but not like you have done in the past. In the Launch phase, you will construct your launch asset ™ and move through the 6 phases of alignment as you launch.

In this phase, you'll:

  • Create your scalable launch asset. This includes your messaging, your audience builder and qualifier, your program offer, your emails, your content and everything you deploy during a launch.
  • Work through the 12 week launch runway timeline deliberately and strategically to attract, connect and invite your aligned potential clients into your launch.
  • Execute your customer journey and maximize your launch energy.
  • Have what we call the "baseline launch" and execute your first launch debrief to create a plan for your testing moving forward.

Phase 3: Scale

Now that you have your launch asset built out, and the data from your baseline launch, it's time to get into testing mode!

In this phase, you will go through 9 months of testing your offer, customer journey and launch asset strategically, intentionally tweaking the experiment, and tracking the outcome, to create the highest converting asset possible.

This period of testing is what most entrepreneurs skip, and its the reason they don't ever see long term scalable results.

In this phase, you'll:

  • Create your first launch experiment, and execute the launch following the outline. Tracking the data, and analyzing the findings the whole way.
  • Work through the beliefs holding you back from scaling, like those around money, worth, self belief and more. The sneaky ones that only come up through the launching process
  • Grow an audience of aligned potential clients intentionally and at scale, expanding your messaging and your audience between launches
  • Fully embody the mindset of launching like a scientist, and become a student of your launches, so you can find what works for you.

If you are ready to take your launches to the next level and scale your offer, this program will give you the perfect combination of launch strategy and curriculum, group support and coaching to help you overcome the beliefs that are keeping you from scaling your offer!

Think the Lab is the right next step for you? Apply below!