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The Challenge Fix

Learn the strategy behind 5 day challenge launches that actually convert!

If you have ever run a 5 day challenge, you know that they are an incredibly effective way to build authority and rapport with a cold audience, FAST. But you may also know that without the proper strategy, they can end in very few conversions. 

The biggest mistake I see people make with 5 day challenge launches is thinking that they just need to give value for 5 days to sell their offer.

But what happens instead is their challengers feel confident they can get the results themselves, so they go off and try to DIY the strategy without your program. 

Sound familiar?

What you totally missed was using your challenge as an opportunity to create desire and demand for working with you, not just filling them up with false confidence they can do it themselves.

This is why I created The Challenge Fix.

In this mini course, I have broken down the step by step strategy of how to host a 5 day challenge launch that actually converts.

In it I teach you:

  • The real strategy behind high converting challenges. 
  • How to give value, but more importantly create desire and demand
  • My exact script template to create your challenge script.
  • How to get out of the cycle of spaghetti launching 

 If you don't make your money back in 30 days, I will give it back! Email [email protected] for a full refund.