What if you knew exactly what to say during your 5 day challenge launch to get your ideal client to say "SIGN ME UP!" before the 5 days is even over,

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Most entrepreneurs know that 5 Day Challenges are an incredibly effective way to build authority and rapport with a cold audience, FAST. 

But there is a big problem.


The biggest mistake people make...


is thinking that all they have to do to run a 5 day challenge is give info for 5 days and ask for the sale. You spend all this time getting your audience into the challenge, and when it comes time to deliver, you completely miss the mark, giving all of your "best" content for free.

If that's truly all it took to make sales, every influencer or content creator would be a millionaire, and we all know that isn't the case.

And after 5 days of giving "your best stuff for free" your  challengers feel confident they can get the results themselves, so they go off and try to DIY the strategy without your program.


Sounds familiar?


What you totally missed was using your challenge as an opportunity to create desire and demand for working with you, not just filling them up with false confidence they can do it themselves.

That's why I am giving you instant access to my proven formula, The Challenge Fix.


The Challenge Fix

the 5 day challenge formula

Imagine feeling confident in the content you share in your 5 day challenge, knowing it will create desire and demand for your offer, as well as add value to your ideal client.

How would it feel to effortlessly fill your program with a 5 day challenge you can use over and over again?

In this mini course, I have broken down the step by step strategy of how to host a 5 day challenge launch that actually converts. 


It really IS possible:

📲 To turn your 5 day challenge into a conversion machine

📲 To convert cold audiences with just your message in a challenge

📲 To feel confident running your challenge

📲 To get out of the cycle of spaghetti launching and scale your business

All for just $37!

Yes! Teach me your ways!

What's included?

💻 Introduction to 5 day challenges, and how to use them in your launch strategy

💻 The secret strategy behind 5 day challenges that turns them into conversion machines

💻 5 Day Challenge script template

💻 How to fill your 5 day challenges

💻 How to schedule your 5 day challenges including launch calendar

Get instant access for just $37!

Plus, these bonuses!

When you snag The Challenge Fix, you also get these bonuses! 

Launch Email Sequence Template

Know exactly what emails to send to your list, before, during and after the launch to get them to convert! This is the exact email sequence I followed to close a $70K launch!

Launch Debrief Template

If you want to scale your launches, you have to know your numbers! Follow my launch debrief process to measure how your launch truly performed, and use those numbers to scale!

Launch Funnel Map

If you have ever been confused by all the moving parts, this funnel map with help you see the big picture visually so you know all the moving pieces are put together!


Buy "The Challenge Fix" Now for $37

Don't just take my word for it!

Why should you trust me?

Not only do I teach this stuff online, I use it in my own business. I have been helping online coaches and course creators launch with challenges since 2018, and I myself have had dozens of challenge launches. 

After trying every launch strategy I could think of, webinars, a video series, evergreen, masterclass to sales call, all of them, I have discovered the 5 day challenges are the most effective and efficient way to grow your business FAST. 

I have had multiple 5 figure challenge launches, ranging from $11,000 to $70,000 using the strategy I teach in The Challenge Fix. Not only that, but over 1300 students have gone through this program and seen results. 

So you can keep struggling to launch your programs, or you can decide that now is the time you invest in a strategy that will pay off in spades when you implement it.

So what are you waiting for?

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Hey! I'm Jess!

I started my business after my husband lost his job, and we found ourselves on Medicaid, mortgage assistance, and our last prayer. 

After launching a dozen offers in my first year of business, I learned the right and WRONG way to grow an online business. Despite the ups and downs, I made $106,000 in revenue in my first year in business. 

Through lots of trial and error, and gathering evidence through my client's launches and my own, I created my Aligned Launch Formula ™ to help online coaches and course creators get out of the cycle of Short Order Course Creation, and take a stand for their beliefs as an Impactful Thought Leader.

I used my Challenge Fix launch formula to scale my launch $10K to $70K in the middle of a pandemic, and now I am sharing my secrets with you.

Tell me your secrets!!

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I am so confident you will love this program, and see results with this strategy, that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If you buy the program, follow the strategy and don't make your money back, I will gladly refund you. Just email my team at [email protected] to request within 30 days of purchasing. 

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What is holding you back from investing in this program and increasing the conversions on your next 5 day challenge launch? Your audience is dying to hear from you, and with this launch strategy you will not only deliver great value, but you'll help them get off the fence and purchase your program. 

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